The Four Stages of Water Damage:

  • Stage 1 - Dampness & Mildew:
    Mold, Mildew & Fungus, Dampness & Discoloration, Odor & Rust, Aggravation of Allergies & Respiratory Ailments.
  • Stage 2 - Wetness and Hairline Wall Cracks:
    Basement walls wet to the touch; White powder on walls & joints, (denotes efflorescence, the leaching of lime from concrete block & mortar joints).
  • Stage 3 - Actual Seepage:
    Floor puddles, basement seepage during moderate rain, basement flooding during prolonged rains.
  • State 4 - Structural Damage:
    Walls buckling or bowing, visible mud or clay silt, corners shifting, floor dropping, visible structural damage.
  • Step 5 - The Installation of Air Conditioning System:
    To ensure proper micro climate inside the premises it is necessary to install modern air conditioning system. There is no need to make one time investment. It is possible to rent air conditioner from company.

Our company offers their clients to check their buildings for possible problems because it gives an opportunity to protect the house from possible damage in the future. You can find Hayward apartments for rent offered by and be sure that everything will be fine.

The experts advise to install Metroair air conditioner from Richmond Hill suppliers in order to prevent the appearance of mold in your house and reduce dampness after your houses was flooded. Proper ventilation of premises is one of the most important stages of house restoration. Good quality conditioner allows to facilitate the process of house ventilation.

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