Our Services

We offer the following services:

  • Basements Waterproofed
  • Crawl Spaces Waterproofed
  • Foundation Wall Repaired
  • Concrete Crack Repaired
  • We offer finished basements in Toronto, as well as full remodeling services and general repairs.

If you are interested in our services contact our reputable colleague - caulking contractor company sering the customers around Canada. You will never regret about the selected services!

When doing the repair in your basement it is important to waterproof it well to be sure that no mold will appear in the newly finished space. Our experts from mold treatment company advise to leave this task for the professionals who are able to create the normal conditions for life.

Our goal is to provide dependable and professional service to homeowners and business people. We will strive to explain each recommended service and never will we recommend unnecessary repairs. We work in close cooperation with drain repair specialists in Toronto, to provide our clients with the greatest range of reliable home improvement services. If your basement is flooded or in case your drain requires a repair, feel free to contact us to get an effective and timely assistance. We also provide furnishing services.

We use state of the art technology to custom-tailor a no-excavation solution to your specific basement problem. We offer free basement inspections. To sign up, please visit our contact page.

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